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Life Cycle Impacts Anaylsis

LESBAT conducts environmental audits since the late 90s. Having found that this kind of calculation is tedious to perform by hand or with a spreadsheet, we have developed tools to simplify them and help us in our own projects. Subsequently, these tools have been imporved in order to be made available to students and professionnals working in the field of construction. Currently we offer two complementary products which can be used at different stages of the planning process:

Eco-Bat (for pre-sizing)

Eco-Bat is a standalone computer tool that has been developped to quickly perform a building LCIA analysis during the pre-sizing phase. It evaluates the envionmental impacts (CO2, primary energy,...) of the materials used for the construction and the energy used during the building life cycle. This methodology is compliant with the ISO14040 standard and the SIA2032 technical documentation. The data comes from the KBOB 2009 LCIA recommandations list and from the Ecoinvent 2.01 database.

Eco-Bat offers the following features:

  • Simple and quick modelization of the building structure
  • Enegy pre-sizing module that quickly evaluates the energy needs of the building without using a dedicated tool
  • 6 basic environmental indicators (CED, GWP, ...). More available on request
  • Complete life cycle of the building (Material manufacture, transport, replacements and elimination)
  • Detailed results on different levels (building, elements, materials)
  • Graphical tools to help in the decision making process:
    • Materials and construction elements comparison
    • Building variants comparison
  • Time evolution of impacts during the building life
  • Customization of materials transports
  • Detailed reports
  • User interface translated in 4 languages (ENG-FRA-GER-IT)

Definition of a building element

Comparison of building materials

As of 2010, Eco-Bat is used by architects, engineers, public authorities, universities and engineer schools in Switzerland and in other european countries. More information...

LCIA module for energy calculation software (for sizing)

People looking to perform an ecobalance during the sizing phase of the project require an all-in-one piece of software that is able to perform energy calculations as well as LCIA analysis. In the context of a federal project, the LESBAT has developped an LCIA module which can be integrated in energy calculation tool. The ECO module is currently intcluded in Lesosai 6, which is one of the leading thermal energy and building certification programs in Switzerland. As the ECO module is free, it should be integrated in other tools in the coming months. We also offer and advanced version of this modulecalled ECO+ which and gives more detailed results for a small cost.