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Solar cooling

Adsorption Solar Air-Conditioning "SolCool"

This project involves the installation of a test bench to measure the performance of a commercial solar cooling adsorption machine (SorTech). This project is part of Task 38 of the International Energy Agency (IEA). This test bench differs from others by operating the system in a reproducible manner, thanks to the integration of TRNSYS simulations in the control and acquisition loops. Different climates and different meteorological conditions can be tested. A combined system was connected to the cooling circuit of the machine to measure its influence. A life cycle analysis of all components completes the study of this system. More...

Adsorption solar refrigeration

LESBAT has developed adsorption solar refrigerators for ten years. These systems were initially deployed for production of cold in non-electrical areas of sahelian countries where refrigeration is sought, among others, for medical and food products preservation. Based on the work performed by different research teams in the 80s, LESBAT constructed in 1999 a demonstration prototype, followed by laboratory prototypes to arrive to an adsorption solar refrigerator system able to be entirely manufactured in developing countries. This solar refrigeration system has 3 days of autonomy (without sunlight) and the advantage of having no moving parts. More...

Adsorbent stockage "Stockads"

Our previous research has shown that it is possible to build solar refrigerators operating with an adsorption-desorption silica-water cycle. This system uses a solar adsorber collector containing directly the adsorbent and operating on solar energy alone (a very interesting system for south sunny countries). It may be interesting and useful in areas receiving less sunlight, to use an auxiliary heat source (gas burner or oil). In this case, the system requires an adsorbent central storage (silica gel or zeolite) having a heat exchanger using water as coolant, connected to a solar collector or a circuit with an energy backup system. Therefore, LESBAT has developed an adsorption storage system with a heat exchanger and water vapour diffuser for a cold room.